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  •  About The Mysore Agarbatti & Perfumery Company

The history of The Mysore Agarbatti & Perfumery Co., dates back to more than 100 years when manufacture of Agarbatti started in 1881 by our great grandfather late Attar Syed Omer Saheb. He was actually a dealer of Raw material, like Civet extracted from his Civet Cat Farm and Sandalwood Oil, Sandalwood Powder, (from the famous sandalwood forests of Mysore) Attars, Natural oils, etc.,supplying  to the Priests of famous Temples of  Tanjore and Madurai, and  these Priests in turn would manufacture Dasangam from the above raw materials and he used to buy back the finished product of Dasangam and distribute it to Bangalore, Mysore and surroundings. This mixture of Dasangam was burnt on charcoal burner which used to give pleasant natural aroma making the atmosphere divine.

Later this Dasangam was made into a form of Incense Sticks (agarbatti) by our late Alhaj Attar Syed Omer Saheb, paving way to agarbatti (Incense sticks)

His son late Alhaj Attar Syed Hussain started the Mysore Agarbatti Co.,  (also the founder President of Karnataka Agarbatti Manufacturers Society and he was also the President of All India Agarbatti Manufacturers Association) which had all the modern in house amenities like blending of Raw materials, (Herbs etc. etc.,) Grinding Mill,  manual Bamboo Stick splitting,   Printing Press etc. etc., he was famous for herbal Masala Batties and supplied them to the then Maharaja of Mysore, and to the Maharajas of North India which possessed great honour and fame to the company winning Gold  and Silver Medals and Awards. He had inherited and adopted the latest technical expertise at that time. He formulated the Loban and Durbar Agarbatti, and had used imported chemicals from Germany, Holland and France etc.,

Later, our father late Alhaj Attar Syed Rahman Hussain, founded The Mysore Agarbatti & Perfumery Co., keeping the tradition of his fore fathers. He manufactured latest types of Perfumes, perfumed Agarbattis. One of his famous invention is “Sonia”– a lemonish fruity unique note, still the flagship of the company.


Now  A.S.M. Rizwan Hussain, and his three brothers following the footsteps of their father and grandfathers and great grandfathers are very well managing the company and  are continuing the family business with traditional excellence.

It is really a matter of pride that Agarbatti or Oodbatti was made 100 years ago and the family continues the business and has upheld the title ATTAR conferred to their ancestors a century ago. They export to more than 10 countries regularly and have a big demand in domestic market for our products.

Our  new creation is  “Music”  Incense Sticks which really makes the person feel musically enchanting.. and   “Woodys”   Incense sticks with a fine natural soothing sandal note.

The company has a repute for “quality and service”.  The motto is passion to give the best quality and money value products at the end of the day..